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Haziran 1, 2009by admin

The Notification on Financial Crimes Investigation Board was published in the Official Gazette dated 29th of May 2009 and numbered 27239 with sequence number 8. According to the said notification, the granted time limit have been expanded for three months in order to update the account owners’ addresses for banks, intermediary institutions, PTT (Post Office Department) and other obligants.

In consideration of interest of public majority and avoiding difficulties the determined time limit was redetermined for customers who had ongoing business relationship before 1st of April 2008. Accordingly, obligants should harmonise the information about the above mentioned customers’ identity with the Notice until 1st of September 2009.


Regulation regarding Authorisation on Electronic Communications Sector was published in the Official Gazette dated 28th of May 2009 and numbered 27241. It covers the procedure and substance of giving authority to companies which aims to provide electronic communications and/or set up and operate a substructure or an electronic communications network.

After an authorisation granted by Information Technologies and Communication Agency in pursuant to strategies and politics of Ministry of Transport, an enterpriser may able to provide electronic communications services and/or set up and operate a substructure or electronic communications network. The authorisation may be exercised by way of notification or exclusivity. Companies apply to the Technologies and Communication Agency should be incorporated as a joint-stock or limited company in order to perform activities which are subject to the authorisation such as selling, installing necessary or related equipments, managing maintenance and consulting services.

Besides, scope of activities of the applicant companies’ Article of Associations should be included the statements of “ providing electronic communications services/ telecommunication services and/or set up and operate a substructure or an electronic communications network” or related electronic communication activities that authorisation in question was requested. Moreover, applicant companies’ partners who held at least 5% shares and persons who have representative and administrative authorities should not be sentenced to liberty binding punishment in consideration of the Prevention of Terrorism Act or crimes against the State. Even though , except negligent offence the mentioned persons sentence was subjected to remission, the mentioned persons should not be sentenced to violation of Capital Markets Law or such crimes as embezzlement, bribery and corruption, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust other crimes determined in the Regulation.