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Obtaining continuous legal consultancy services for your company, where you conduct your business, is intended to eliminate problems such as preventive medicine to a large extent before they occur. Thus, your company authorities on the one hand, learns about the new developments from a legal perspective, able to do their business tailored with more advantageous terms, on the other hand, eliminates the risk of litigation and the payment of compensation arising from the incorrect and disadvantageous contract terms.

In order to minimize future disputes, concluding agreements that regulate mutual obligations and rights in detail at the beginning of the business is of great importance. Therefore, all kinds of purchase and sales contracts, real estate purchase and construction contracts, contracts with the companies you work with are specially prepared by our expert lawyers and academicians from the universities.

We also provide legal consultancy services for preparing contracts in the fields of employment contracts, lease contracts, company partnerships and M&A contracts, licenses, transfers, copyrights, patents, as well as providing legal opinion on issues needed verbally and in writing.

We provide the following legal services in exchange for either a monthly fee basis or hourly fees spent.

  • Answering your questions verbally and in writing and providing legal advice to your business,

  • Preparing your contracts with the companies and people you work with,

  • Reviewing the contracts you conclude with your customers and adapting them according to legal requirements and your needs,

  • Reviewing employment contracts for all your employees and adapting them to new legal requirements and your needs,

  • Drawing and replying notices.

  • Attending mediation meetings.

  • Participating in emergency or pre-agreed contract and business meetings.

When you have a permanent legal consulting relationship with our office, we may also follow up and carry out your litigation and enforcement proceedings, if you request so; the most appropriate fee will be determined together on the basis of each business.

Our basic approach in legal consultancy for companies, is to provide legal services in a strategic, fast, effective and result-oriented manner.

We are confident that we will make a difference in the legal affairs of your company with our partner lawyers with 20-25 years of legal and business experience, our agile team and knowledgeable lawyers with 5-15 years of experience, as well as our cooperation with university teachers and retired judicial members, whom we easily reach.