Ongoren Law Office established by Prof. Dr. Gursel Ongoren in 1998. Prof. Dr. Gursel Ongoren contributes various nongovernmental organizations as the President of “The Urban Transformation and Law Platform” and the Board Members of GYODER (Gayrımenkul ve Gayrımenkul Yatırım Ortaklıgı Dernegi-The Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Companies) besides his scientific researches in the university.


Ongoren Law Office provides legal consultancy and advocacy services to real estate investors, construction companies and foreign companies that have an investment in Turkey with its partners who are also expert lawyers. The main expertness areas of our law office are Constructional Law, Zoning Law and Urban Transformation Law.


Ongoren Law Office offers consultancy to real estate investors, land owners and construction companies under various topics such as; real estate purchasing process, the construction contracts, zoning and structuring and real estate selling process besides the advocacy services such as; suing the necessary law suits and carrying the litigation process on.


Our office have 15 years experience in zoning plan chances, zoning plan nullity suits and building license nullity suits and the related litigation process is being followed with the expert staff regarding these scientific perspectives after building an opinion about zoning plans and zoning law with our lawyers who are also known in the academic field.


Our office started to work the field of urban transformation in 2005 at Fikirtepe, İstanbul, and with the Law number 6306 that became effective in 2012; our office obtained the most experienced staff in this field to provide legal consultancy regarding “risky buildings” and “risky areas” to various public enterprises, municipalities, investment and construction companies, housing estates and apartment buildings.


Ongoren Law Office also have valuable experience in civil and criminal cases in relation to the Law Number 2863 and its application process in various constructional projects with registered historic buildings and protected areas with it took part in it.


Our office not only offers legal consultancy services to foreign investors about real estate purchasing-selling and renting process but also offers debt collection services in a fast and efficient way besides compensation cases.


Ongoren Law Office have also expertise in preparing contracts such as; construction agreements in return for land share, construction agreements with revenue sharing, subcontracts, architectural projects, and  conducts the litigation process that arisen from these constructional and architectural contracts.


Hereby the experience of hundreds of projects about real estate development, urban transformation, zoning and construction that it took part in, Ongoren Law Office provides legal services in an efficient and result-oriented way.